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Supplying Wood Windows & Wood Clad Windows

There is no substitute for the natural beauty of real wood for your windows, and Greco Windows & Doors offers a variety of wood windows and wood-clad windows to homes in the greater Los Angeles area, including Sunland, CA. Whether you need windows with a classic appeal and superior insulation, or you would like a low-maintenance option, we can help you replace your old windows with a style and size to fit your home and budget.


Add Classic Beauty With Wood Windows

Using wood for your window frames offers a timeless elegance to your home, as well as other advantages. Here are some reasons wood windows are worth every cent to install:

Great Insulation

If you are concerned about finding an energy-efficient frame option and lowering your monthly energy bills, wood windows offer excellent insulation to keep your home comfortable. Wood can provide as much as 400 times better insulation than steel, which keeps the outside temperature from seeping into your interior spaces. Your home will stay cool during the summer and warm during the winter without relying on the HVAC system continually running.

Impressive Longevity

Another benefit of wood windows that makes them a wise investment is their longevity. With proper care and maintenance, wood windows can last for years, providing a beautiful appearance and a dependable barrier between your home’s interior and the outdoor elements. Having wood windows does entail quite a bit of weatherproofing and upkeep, but they are worth it.

Get Beauty & Protection With Wood Clad Windows

These window frames give you the classic look of wood on the inside of your home, paired with a weather-resistant exterior frame. Some benefits you will enjoy with this option include the following:

Low-Maintenance Exterior

The weather-resistant exterior on a wood-clad window improves its durability and extends its life while maintaining it requires minimal effort. The exterior keeps the weather outside from penetrating your home without any concerns about warping or extreme weathering, and you get to enjoy the warm, classic look and insulative benefits of wood on the inside.

Classic Wooden Interior

Since the inside of a wood-clad window is a traditional wood frame, your interior spaces get the beauty and customization that come with this natural material. You can paint or stain the interior frame to match or complement the design and décor in a room and keep your home comfortable with wood’s natural insulative benefit.

Greco Windows & Doors Serves Sunland, CA Homes

Greco Windows & Doors has a staff of window frame specialists ready to update and enhance your home with beautiful replacement windows. If you are interested in a durable and long-term investment, wood windows and wood-clad windows may be the right choice for you.

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