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Improve Your Glendale, CA Home With Vinyl Windows

Your Glendale, CA home’s windows only last so long before you need to replace them. If you are concerned about the costs of new windows, but you still need a dependable option to keep your home comfortable and beautiful, Greco Windows & Doors offers vinyl windows. These cost-effective replacement windows protect your home from heat, weather, and intrusive pests at a lower price.


Enjoy the Advantages of Vinyl Replacements

Vinyl windows are an outstanding option to replace your home’s old windows on a budget. These cost-effective replacements offer many benefits over other materials. From keeping your home comfortable to easily finding sizes and styles fitting your structure and décor, you can find selling points beyond the friendly price of vinyl windows. The following are some of those most popular from consumers:

Lower Cost

The base material for vinyl windows is polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and these windows may also include a metal internal structural element to keep the frames stiff. Overall, this cost-effective option is less expensive to produce, but it still provides a stable and appealing replacement lasting up to 30 years. Installing these windows works in nearly any size frame in your home.

No Need to Paint

Vinyl windows are designed and manufactured to look appealing and blend into your home’s décor. However, if you try to paint vinyl frames, the paint can peel away after a short time. Your best strategy is to pick a set of vinyl windows already complimenting the aesthetics of your home.

Easily Available

Vinyl windows were produced in larger numbers in the 1970s to meet the custom window needs that large manufacturers could not fulfill, and they became a highly popular option starting in the 1990s. After large window manufacturers recognized the value of vinyl frames, they started producing full lines of window frames. Today, vinyl window frames are easily available for homeowners to upgrade their frames.


If you worry about warm air seeping into your home during the summer, vinyl windows are a cost-effective option to keep your home comfortable. The frames are made using a honeycomb structure that traps the air, improves their insulative properties, and makes them more energy efficient. You can also get vinyl windows fabricated to fit any window frame size.

Ready to Match You With Beautiful Replacements

Greco Windows & Doors has various vinyl window options to match your home’s size and style needs. We look forward to helping you beautify your home with this appeal and cost-effective replacement.

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