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Fiberglass Windows in & Around Los Angeles, CA

Greco Windows & Doors makes finding replacement windows quick and easy with our many choices in styles and materials. Fiberglass windows provide decades of dependable use and resistance to weather and temperature variations. Greater Los Angeles, CA is no stranger earthquakes and blazing sunlight, so we help homeowners get a great deal on their windows with this durable and eco-friendly option.


Benefits of Fiberglass Windows in Your Home

Choosing fiberglass windows for your home can be an excellent way to improve its appearance, along with many other advantages. Here are some of the common benefits of fiberglass windows:


Fiberglass offers better durability than wood and vinyl. According to some estimates, fiberglass can be eight times stronger than vinyl, making it an excellent material choice to stand up to storms, earthquakes, and other adverse conditions. Fiberglass windows also do not peel or crack as they get older as vinyl does, and they are rated to last at least 50 years or longer.

Noise Insulation

The insulative properties of fiberglass do more than protect your home from outside temperature changes. This material effectively blocks road-noise, your neighbor’s lawnmower, and other outside noises from getting into your house. Many other window frame types will let in too much noise and disturb your time indoors.

Environmentally Friendly

Fiberglass windows are made from glass, which is an eco-friendly material. It does not release any harmful gases while it is being used or after it has been discarded. This is an issue with vinyl windows, so fiberglass windows are the better choice if you want to contribute to environmental protection.

Energy Efficiency

During the changes in temperature, certain window frame materials, like timber, can expand and contract, which may let in more heat or cold and drive up your energy bills. Fiberglass frames do not expand or contract with temperature variations, so your home is better-insulated. Estimates show that fiberglass windows can be three times more energy-efficient than those made with vinyl.

Appealing Aesthetic

Many types of windows have visible joints at each corner, making them look unfinished. Fiberglass frames do not have these visible joints, and they can mimic the appearance of wood window frames much better than other options like vinyl. You can also paint fiberglass windows any color you want.

Greco Windows & Doors Is Ready to Help You

You deserve the best for your home, including your windows. Let Greco Windows & Doors help you find new fiberglass replacement windows to keep your home beautiful and comfortable for decades.

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