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Updating Tujunga, CA Homes With Patio Doors

Greco Windows & Doors has a team of specialists to help you find the best patio doors for your home in Tujunga, CA, and beyond. Whether you need a hinged door or a sliding door, we offer many options for you to choose from varying in sizes, styles, and materials. Let us ensure you find a patio door to match your needs, budget, and home’s design.


Popular Materials & Their Benefits

Patio doors come in a variety of materials, each with benefits of their own to keep your home comfortable and protected. Some of the most common materials include the following:


With wood’s natural insulative properties and durability, choosing this material for your new patio door is a sound investment. You can also easily customize a wood patio door’s appearance to suit your home’s décor and design. These doors come in a wide variety of style options, and they enhance your home with their architectural appeal. Wood patio doors also allow you to install decorative glass for a personal touch.


Vinyl patio doors are energy-efficient due to their insulative benefits. These long-lasting doors provide dependable protection from the outside elements for years, and they do not require much upkeep to ensure they stay in top condition. To enhance their aesthetic appeal, you can use decorative glass for artful design.


Using fiberglass for patio doors gives you a low-maintenance option you can paint or stain to complement your home’s aesthetic. These doors come in various textures to further customize your design choices, and they resist damage like dents, warping, and peeling.

Aluminum Clad Wood

Wood doors offer natural beauty that suits nearly any home, but they are susceptible to damage from rain, heat, and insects. Aluminum-clad wood gives you all the benefits of wood with the added protection and durability of an aluminum shield on the exterior side. You get a sleek metal look with lower maintenance on the outside and the warmth of wood inside your home.


If you worry about keeping your patio doors clean, aluminum options pair a sleek look with rust and mildew resistance. They are also durable and protect your home from the elements. Aluminum patio doors work well in moderate climates like Southern California’s sunny, warm weather. Decorative glass is also an excellent way to customize the appearance of your patio doors.

Find a Wide Selection at Greco Windows & Doors

Your new patio door is within reach with the wide selection you will find at Greco Windows & Doors. We invite you to explore our inventory of doors in all sorts of materials and designs, and our helpful staff will answer any questions you ask.

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