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Stylish Interior & Closet Doors for Home Updates

Greco Windows & Doors understands your home is an investment of time, money, and effort to achieve and maintain a level of style and comfort. Your interior and closet doors are an integral part of your home’s aesthetic, and they must function dependably. Our staff will gladly help you explore our inventory and choose doors matching your interior aesthetic.


Find a Door Type for Your Home Interior Needs

Every home has a different design and aesthetic character to it, so you want to choose doors that reflect its appearance and your personal tastes. From simple and understated to clever and colorful, some common door types for your home’s interior include the following:

Traditional Hinged Doors

Getting a classic hinged door for your bedroom, bathroom, or closet is a traditional choice with many ways to customize its appearance. You can choose from materials like lightweight fiberglass and sturdy wood and paint or stain the door color and finish that complements your home’s aesthetic.

Sliding Doors

Another convenient way to divide your rooms is with sliding doors. The panels are connected to a track allowing them to glide smoothly to the side and open an entryway. You can find options with clear, distorted, or frosted glass or emphasize privacy with a solid panel.

Bi-Fold Doors

If you have a large enough door frame, a bi-fold door is a simple and visually appealing opportunity to elevate your interior spaces. The door panels easily fold to one or both sides to give you an unobstructed connection between rooms.

French Doors

The French created this door style as symmetrical windows to replace traditional doors, and the style became popular in this country. Install French doors on hinges or a track to swing or slide open. They look classy as doors for your office, closet, bedroom, and other common home spaces.

Pocket Doors

This type of sliding door adds a discretionary touch by sliding the door panels into wall pockets and hiding them whenever you open one. The track smoothly glides the panel out of sight and works well for bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, and other rooms.

Decorative Glass Doors

You can add color and personality to your home by upgrading to a decorative glass door. The panes come in various designs, including etchings, patterns, and lively illustrations. Decorative glass doors allow you to be unique with your home décor.

We’ll Help You Improve Your North Valley Living Spaces

Greco Windows & Doors is proud to serve the communities in North Valley, CA, and throughout the greater Los Angeles area. We are ready to help you improve your home with new interior and closet doors.

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