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Entry Doors Protect Pasadena, CA Homeowners

Your home’s front door is an essential part of protecting your home from weather, intruders, and pests while contributing to the exterior and interior’s overall beauty. Greco Windows & Doors wants you to be happy with your entry doors, so we offer a broad range of options to customers in the greater Los Angeles area, including Pasadena, CA. Let our staff help you select a style and material that suit your style and needs.


Material Options to Consider for Your Door

Choosing an entry door for your home depends on your priorities, which may be aesthetic, budgetary, and security-focused. Greco Windows & Doors has provided descriptions of some of the most popular material choices for doors and what they offer:

Wooden Doors

Wood provides warm elegance to your home’s design while keeping out the elements and unwelcome visitors. You can choose from various types of wood, paints, or stains for your door, so it complements your home’s color scheme and design. Two options for you to consider are glass panels and solid panels. A glass-panel door allows you to incorporate decorative glass to produce a sleek, modern appearance or a stoic, traditional feel. Solid-panel doors provide dependable security and privacy with distinctive styles available to customize your entry’s aesthetic.

Iron Doors

An iron entry door is naturally strong and durable, which offers outstanding security and protection from weather and intruders. These doors are also low-maintenance, so caring for them requires little effort to keep them in beautiful condition. Iron is an energy-efficient material, as it has great insulative properties to keep heat and cold out of your home. An iron door will last for years and perform optimally without constant upkeep. The rot-resistant frame and durable material minimize the chance of damage or blemishes due to moisture or impact.

Fiberglass Doors

If you value long-lasting beauty and resistance to blemishes, a fiberglass door is an excellent option. This entry door type is a low-maintenance option with a rot-resistant composite frame providing years of dependable performance while staying in optimal condition. Fiberglass is durable against the elements and impact. These doors do not rust or dent, so you enjoy long-term beauty. You also have a versatile set of aesthetic choices with fiberglass entry doors. If you want a wooden appearance, you can select a door with a wood grain, or you can go with a smooth exterior. Glass panels and solid panels are options with fiberglass doors.

Trust Our Ample Expertise in Home Updates

Greco Windows & Doors has a professional staff of window and door specialists to help you upgrade your home. Let us walk you through our entry doors to select a style and material to meet your needs and budget.

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