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Greco Windows & Doors Offers Aluminum Windows

Greco Windows & Doors wants every homeowner to enjoy window options that fit their replacement needs. Aluminum windows provide a strong frame with great structural integrity and a plethora of finish and paint options to match your rooms’ décor. Many households in Burbank, CA take advantage of aluminum frames for all sizes and types of windows, and our staff can help you find the perfect options.


Reasons to Pick Aluminum for Your Windows

Aluminum window frames can enhance your interior space without maintenance or concern over complementing your home’s aesthetic. Their sleek design and optimal use in the warmer Southern California climate make these frames an excellent choice to enhance your light and enjoy the outside scenery. Greco Windows & Doors proudly offers this option to replace your current windows for many reasons, including the following:

Thinner Frames

Your home’s windows should be about letting in the light and view. Aluminum is a stronger material to make window frames, which means they can be thinner while still providing adequate structural support. A thinner window frame reduces its presence and allows you to enjoy the outdoors from your living room. Many homes with expansive picture windows use aluminum frames.

Low Maintenance

Some window frame materials have trouble standing up to the elements and have weathering issues, such as wood. These materials also break down over time, warping and losing pigment. Aluminum windows do not require the maintenance it takes to preserve wood and vinyl window frames. Commercial buildings have relied on aluminum windows for years because they can install them and not worry about them.

Great for Warmer Climates

Homeowners in the Los Angeles area enjoy the beautiful Southern California weather, which is typically warmer than many other parts of the country. Aluminum windows work well in mild and warm climates since they conduct heat and cold easily. However, if you are concerned about insulating your windows, these frames are available with a thermal barrier put inside.

Pick a Metal-Look

One advantage of aluminum window frames is you can achieve a sleek metallic aesthetic by anodizing them, which comes in multiple finishes to customize the look. You can also paint aluminum with a liquid finish called a baked silicone polyester enamel paint. There is a multitude of color options when you paint your frames, allowing you to match the design and décor of your home.

Serving Homeowners Throughout Burbank, CA

Every home has its own unique style, and aluminum windows are an outstanding way to amplify its visual appeal and comfort when replacing windows. Greco Windows & Doors is happy to work with you to determine the aluminum frames suiting your style and needs.

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